ERLACHER – Bound to Tradition, Oriented towards the Future


ERLACHER looks back on a long tradition. Founded in 1905, the cabinet maker’s workshop “Schenk” in Ponte Gardena (South Tyrol) soon became well known throughout the entire region. In 1976 the business was taken over by Toni Erlacher, who expanded it and has carried it on a successfully ever since. The erstwhile cabinetmaker’s shop near Bolzano has become a highly professional business specializing in interior fittings and contract furniture, turnkey solutions and project management. Traditional craftsmanship in conjunction with modern design is the basis of our success. Our strengths lie in the creation of interiors for hotels & restaurants, shops & retail, public buildings, banks & administration, libraries, schools & dormitories, retirement & nursing homes and private houses & villas – and most of our pieces are custom-made interiors.